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Positive First Impressions Pay Off!

Redfin found that homes with listing photos taken with professional DSLR cameras
sell for $3,400 to $11,200 more relative to their list prices.

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  • Micky
    May, 2013

    Tour was Great

    Thank you - the pictures were GREAT too! I got two showings this weekend and both Realtors said that the pictures online looked better than the house did in person!
  • Carol
    Apr, 2013

    Seller was ecstatic

    You always make my listings look good!
  • Jane
    June 2013

    ...Gets them in the door and that is what I want!

    My sellers love the tour Thanks.
  • Kathy
    Feb, 2014

    The Photos look Great!

    My seller wanted to know what you where standing on to get the photo.
  • Nancy
    March 2014

    Thought the Pictures where Great!

    Gave your contact info to someone today who came to open house
  • Nancy
    March 2014

    Thanks for the Great Pictures

    Thanks for the Great Pictures and seeing them to me so quickly!
  • Elin
    March 2014

    The Tours have a Great Modern Look

    Even my assistant commented on how great the tours are with new Modern Look.
  • Shannon
    April 2014

    My Seller Complimented your Photos.

    She is a frequent mover and she said that in all the times she has listed her houses in the past, she has never seen listing photos as good as the ones you took.
  • Gregory
    July 2014

    Love the pictures!!

    Thanks you for another job well done!
  • Mickey
    July 2014


    You ALWAYS amaze me!! These pictures look FANTASTIC!! THANK YOU :)
  • Elin
    Sept., 2014

    The Pictures are great.

    I love the fact that you put the house picture on the computer monitors... Nice touch.
  • Michele

    Thanks much for a great Job!

    ... just looked these over ....the pics are beautiful!


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