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B| Can I have a tour done of a business?

Yes, Geocentric Productions, Inc. is able to film your business thru our commercial division, we are a fully certified iPIX developer for all you virtual tour needs. Contact customer service for more details on pricing and availability

I| What should I do if any information on my tour is incorrect?

If you prefer to have the scenes in your tour named differently you can log in to your control panel and choose manage my listings, you will be able to edit the price, description, still photo scene names, and the music that is on your tour along with other features. If you need help finding you listing or where to make the edits just contact the customer support team at 215-362-5082. If your listing information on is incorrect, not in the Geocentric 360 viewer such as the price, room sizes, etc. contact @ 877-353-4749 or your MLS system.

M| Do I need an MLS number to place an order?

MLS numbers are not required place an order however you will need to supply a MLS number if you would like us to link your listing to or

M| How can I put my tour in Rapattoni?

To get your tour posted in the LVAR or other Rapattoni MLS system. -First log in to the Rapattoni system. - At the dialog box, cut and paste the MLS / IDX Unbranded version of your URL from your confirmation e-mail. in to the box for virtual tour. ( - this is the same way you would upload photos. - any additional questions you should contact your MLS board office for help.

M| How do I add an old listing's tour to a new MLS number?

To use an old tour with a re-listed property* We ask that all request are submitted in writing for your security. Simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, the property's address, the old MLS number and the new number that you would like the tour attached to. Another option is to fax the MLS data sheet along with the old MLS number and request for re-list to 267-644-0085. The tour must be one that you had purchased, if not you will need a letter from the original purchaser of the tour. *there is a small fee for this service depending on where you would like the tour posted to and your listings status on the site.

O| How do I place an order?

If you would like to place an on-line order now you can also use this link ON-LINE ORDERS, can be placed any time at or by clicking the order button on the menu bar above.  Order can also be faxed to our 24 hours order processing center at 1-267-644-0085 If you need a copy of the order form to fax in you can get it here ORDER FORM. If you prefer you can phone in your order to a friendly customer service Representative in our state of the art call center at 1-888-360-8881 use option #1 anytime ordering. To complete an order we will need Your Name, the Agents name if diffrent, the address of the home to be photographed and the MLS number if there is one.

O| Why did I have to give my e-mail address to place an order?

We ask for your e-mail address so that we can send you information about your tour possibly also scheduling request are sent. We will also email the URL links for viewing the tour once all the images have been processed. Links will also be sent so you may download the photos from the tour for use in your marketing and MLS system.  Geocentric Productions Inc. will not sell your e-mail address to anyone or share it with any other company.

P| How soon can I expect a call from my photographer?

Orders that are received by 5:00pm weekdays should receive a scheduling request the next business day. Photographers are required to email or call the listing agent by the end of the next business day excluding weekends and holiday's to schedule an appointment at a mutually convenient time.

R| Can another Realtor use the photos Geocentric Captured for my listing

Absolutely not! When you receive photographs from Geocentric Productions, Inc., you are granted industry-exclusive usage rights for a period of 2 years. During that term the photos are for your use only, limited to the exclusive purpose of marketing that specific property. If your listing remains active and extends beyond that period, at your request, we will renew your usage rights to the photos at no additional charge. We protect your interests - we will never re-license or permit the transfer of those photos to any other agent, brokerage or homeowner. Without your exclusive writen request to do so. 

R| My Tour was on REALTOR.COM but now it isn't. What Happed?

Has the status of the listing changed? If the listing is no longer active on we are unable to link to it. Contact your MLS system to see if and when the Listing will be added to Tours uploaded to Showcase listings are part of the "Showcase Listing Enhancements package." Expiration of the Showcase Listing Enhancements subscription causes all listing enhancements, including the tour, to no longer be visible on If you no longer have Showcase Listing Enhancements you will need to Contact Geocentric Productions at 215-362-5082 to have your tour Re - Linked to your listing charges a fee for this that Geocentic will pass on to the agent. After 18 months your tour hosting will expire. Contact Geocentric Productions at 215-362-5082 to have your tour reactivated.

R| Why is my listing not on

1- Have you supplied the correct MLS, address of the listing? Tours can not be linked to with out the correct information. 2- can take up to 24hours to link tours. 3- Listings will come off for various reasons. Please contact or your local MLS for additional information if your listing is not showing. 4- Geocentric Productions, Inc. is able to link tours to listings that are currently on-line. If your listing is showing on the site please check that you have supply us with the exact same spelling for the street, town, and zip code along with the proper MLS number. If any of the information is wrong or misspelled the listing will not link.

S| What happens if the home is sold or goes under agreement?

The listing will be removed from Your URL ink will still remain active for up to 18 months from time the home was filmed.

T| Can a Virtual Tour have more than 4 scenes.

The Geo virtual tour viewer can display an unlimited number of 2 min. movies, interactive tours, and still photos.

T| Can I save the completed tour to a disk?

Once a tour is completed you will receive an email that includes an email to your control panel, in there youll find a button to download offline tour.

T| Do I have to be present when the tour is filmed?

Agents are responsible for the marketing each listing by being present at the filming, your homeowner will be assured that you are taking full control of the total marketing efforts for their home. This can also assist the photographer with any questions they may have with scene selection or the way you would like to show the home in best light for you market. Only you know how you are marketing the home, whether it be a warm friendly country feel with the cat curled up by the fire, or a clean modern pet free look to the home. With out your input the photographer can only film a standard tour of 4 area's that he/she feels shows the best features of the home.

T| How do I put a copy of the completed tour on my website?

When a tour is completed you will receive a email with 2 copies of the URL one for your web site and one for your MLS or IDX compatible system. You can also find the links in tour customer panel (Full Feature URL link or Branded Tour IE: (MLS / IDX URL link or Unbranded Tour IE: Chose the proper URL for the site that you are putting the tour on, It can also be use to hyperlink any place on your web site that you are able to edit the HTML. Each link will remain active for up to 18 months. **If you have a hosted web site, check with your hosting vendor for instructions on how to place a Virtual Tour on the site or adding a hyperlink. Front Page instructions: Highlight the word(s) or image that you wish to use right click your mouse and choose Hyperlink. On the left side of the menu choose "existing file or web page". Pasted the URL code in the address bar and hit enter you should now have the tour linked to your page.

T| How long will my tour stay on the web?

Geo360™ tours, HomeTour 360 and GeoGold™ tours will stay active for up to 18 Months. The link on will be good for as long as no changes are made to your listing in your MLS or on If for any reason your listing is on and the link to the virtual tour is no longer showing simply call the support team at 215-362-5082 who will then assist you in getting the link connected.

T| The tour is not showing at my company's web site what should I do?

Geocentric Productions, Inc. will deliver a copy of your tour to you web master the same day that you receive the completion email at no additional cost. It can take your web master up to two business days to actually link the tour to your listing. If for some reason the linked tour is not showing contact your web master and confirm that they have received the link for you listing. If for any reason the link has been lost you can contact our customer support team to have the tour redelivered at 1-215-362-5082

T| What if it is raining the day the tour is scheduled to be filmed?

Geocentric Productions, Inc. photographers will film in the rain, if you feel that the weather will be unsuitable for filming your location. Please contact the photographer at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation charge this way the photographer can schedule another tour for that time slot.

T| Who do I call if I need to cancel or reschedule a tour?

To reschedule a tour please contact your photographer first, his/her name and phone number can be located in the e-mail that you received when the tour was first dispatched to your photographer. If you no longer have that email and need to contact your photographer, you can call our customer service center at 1-888-360-8881 m-f 9am to 5pm Customer Service will not provide photographer contact information unless you have a open tour order.

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