Preparing a home For Photos

Checklist for Preparing your Real Estate Property for Photography


1.   Minimize Furnishings

¨ Remove all unnecessary pieces of furniture. 
¨ Place furniture and decoration only where they are appropriate. 
¨ Put children’s chairs and toys back to the children’s bedroom 
¨ Move office equipment to the office. 
¨ Remove/Cover all used-looking furnishings (worn upholstered couches, stained carpets, scratched sideboards etc.). 
¨ Have a plan to have all domestic animals in another place – sounds tough but promotes the success of the presentation. 
¨ Remove all Pet food/water bowls, beds, toys. Place Cat Trees out of sight.  

2.    Basic House Cleaning

¨ When possible have professionals clean the whole space. 
¨ Clean all floors, furniture’s surfaces, wall tiles, mirrors and windows from dirt, streaks and dust. 
¨ Remove spider webs, especially in corners and around ceiling lamps. 
¨ Remove all lime/mold and drop marks from faucets, sinks and bath tubs. 
¨ Do Not hide extra items under beds or furnishings they will often be in the view of the camera.

3.   Create Clarity

¨ Care for uniformity. A table should only be surrounded by chairs of the same model when possible. 
¨ In a glass cabinet Less is best, only display dishes of the same series when possable.
¨ Align all chairs at dining tables, kitchen counters or working places. 
¨ Sort books according to their size. Remove extreme formats and very colorful publications. 
¨ Care for and straighten all lampshades. 
¨ Remove dish racks/cutting Boards/ dish soaps/ cleaning products/ mops/ brooms/ garbage cans from kitchen
¨ Add Fresh Flowers/ Fresh Fruit when possible
¨ Clear the fireplace, remove any items in front of the fireplace That are not fireplace tools or wood.


¨ Hide all family-related photographs and other mementos. (The photographs of your home will be on the internet for the whole world to see.)
¨ Remove any signs of religious or political preferences of the owners.
¨ Clear the home from hints to preferences in sports, hobbies and brands. 
¨ Don’t show records and certificates of the owner. 
¨ Remove all kinds of souvenirs and trophies from walls and shelves.  
¨ Remove all Child-Proof equipment or pet barriers. 
¨ Remove all medical products and medications when possible for the photos. 
¨ Remove Rasers/toothbrushes/beauty products/ shampoos soaps in the shower and bathroom.  

5.   MINIMIZE Decor

¨ Hide any bric-à-brac items and hobbyist collections. 
¨ Remove stacks of magazines/papers/and mail.
¨ Remove any signs of pets. 
¨ Place only one or two pieces of deco on one table. 
¨ Remove trash cans and waste baskets. 
¨ Clear all tables, counters in the kitchen of excess items. 
¨ Remove child seats/booster chairs.
¨ Clear the Fridge Art! Remove all magnets, photographs and children’s drawings from fridges and pin boards.  
¨ Hide all cables and electricity distributors.  


¨ Straighten blankets, bed sheets and bed covers. 
¨ Plump up the cushions and smooth them out. 
¨ Care for evenly hanging curtains. 
¨ Remove all waves from carpets. 
¨ Take down all towels from their hooks/oven handles, fold them and stack them near the sink.  


¨ Switch on all lamps and replace any broken light bulbs. 
¨ Remove any table lamps that are not working.
¨ Check that all bulbs within one lamp are of the same type/wattage/performance. 
¨ Check the proper function of all outdoor lighting (garden lamps, door lights, patio lights, pool lamps).
¨ Open all Blinds to ¾ of the window.  


¨ Remove all vehicles from driveways. 
¨ Hide the garbage cans. 
¨ Put garden tools, garden hoses, and sprinklers and used barbecues into the garage. 
¨ DO NOT schedule the photoshoot when the sprinklers are scheduled to come on.
¨ Mow the lawn. /Clear sidewalks driveways snow. 
¨ Rake garden beds to freshen the mulch. 
¨ Sweep/Clear pavement areas of leaves and debris. 
¨ Give the pool a professional cleaning. 
¨ Turn on pool fountains/water features.
¨ Hide pool vacuum/ hoses and cleaning supplies.
¨ Shut all doors and windows for the outdoor images. 
¨ Outdoor furniture, wipe down and place fresh looking cushions out, open umbrellas.  


¨ Make bed, including decorative pillows/shames if available
¨ Clear nightstands of all personal items
¨ Store away cell phones/tablets/and remotes
¨ Hide all wires
¨ Remove family photos
¨ Remove all landry
¨ Hide any jewelry
¨ Clear walls of posters/christmas lights etc.  

If your real estate photographer arrives, and they see that the home has not been prepared for the photo shoot, then you might be charged a cancellation fee and be forced to reschedule. Or, the photographer might move forward with the photo shoot, but the results will be unprofessional and they will not look good on your real estate listing. Possibly reducing the value of the offers you may receive. It is very important that you spend the time that is needed to make sure that your home is prepared so that the photographer has something to work with. 

Check with your realtor, once the photography is completed you will be able to move many of the items back so you can continue to live in your home. 

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